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Billdr supports you with your home renovation project from start to finish. From scope definition and contractor selection to project completion, we’re with you every step of the way.

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Unlock peace of mind with Billdr by your side, from start to finish.

How it works timeline
How it works timeline

“Billdr is the only company that provides customers with a project manager from start to finish”


“With a detailed budget estimate, [homeowners] will be able to understand the true cost of their renovation”


“When Billdr gives you an initial project estimate, they list everything that’s going to be done”

The Montreal Gazette
Project planning icon

Project planning

Get a defined project scope, floor plans, budget estimate and 2-3 comparable quotes from certified contractors.

  • In-person visit

    with a Billdr Project Manager

  • Scope & budget estimate

    with floor plans

  • 2-3 quotes from vetted contractors

    based on the same scope of work


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Project management icon

Project management

Receive personalized support throughout your project, including weekly site visits, progress reports, and budget monitoring.

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Architectural design icon

Architectural design

Transform your vision into reality with architectural plans to identify project requirements and building permits early.

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Unlock peace of mind by being protected against unforeseen circumstances that may occur during your renovations.

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Montreal only
Feasibility study

Feasibility study

Your feasibility report will be prepared by an OAA licensed architect in collaboration with your Billdr project manager.

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Toronto only

Support from conception to build

Vetted general contractors ready to bid

Detailed estimate for comparable quotes

A one-stop-shop for all your construction needs

Time-saving assistance with permits

Regular updates on construction progress

Billdr makes renovations easier with


No, our goal is to get you the best value for your project, balancing price and construction quality. One of the most important financial benefits of working with us is that our project managers can provide you with renovation insights that you may not have known before. Our team also helps you adjust architectural and engineering plans, which can save you thousands of dollars down the road.

Expect to receive two quotes for projects under $100,000 and three for projects above this amount

If an issue comes up, your Billdr project manager will communicate with the general contractor to resolve it. Since we support you at every step of your renovation, we are able to mitigate any risks that may come up along the way.

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Excellent service

I got great service for my kitchen renovation. The home renovation advisor is very knowledgeable and has been available throughout the process.

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Backyard Renovation Success!

We used Billdr to renovate our backyard. The service was highly valuable - key for us was: making the scope clear in terms contractors understood, independent validation of budget.

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AAA+ service!

I cannot recommend the Billdr service enough! They helped scope the project, find the right contractor, manage the project throughout

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Pairing the vision of your dream home with my industry expertise is what I consider key to quality work and your project’s success, from planning to construction.

Billdr Project manager
Josiane Payeur

Project manager

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