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Billdr helps you plan & manage your home renovation projects: find an architect or a general contractor in a few clicks, and manage your renovation from a dashboard. All free of charge!

Tell us about your project

How it works

How it works

Tell us about your project


Connect with architects/designers


Consult with general contractors


Receive up to 3 quotes


Monitor your project via your dashboard

Large renovation projects

Billdr is your platform for large home renovation projects over $20,000

Digital experience

Control your home renovation experience from your dashboard


View contractor's portfolio

Review contractors' portfolios, including their past projects and client reviews.

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Get up to 3 quotes

Get quotes from vetted general contractors, compare them and sign your contract online.

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View and pay your invoices

Keep track of all invoices in one place.

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Structure your contract from your dashboard

Keep track of all invoices in one place.

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Join the community: 5,000+ homeowners, 200+ General Contractors, $500M+ worth of home renovation projects.


Why should I choose Billdr for my home renovation?

We know how stressful it can be to undertake a home renovation project. That's why we designed our platform to support you at every stage of the project, starting with the design phase and the careful selection of architects, engineers, and interior designers. We then help you connect with qualified and reliable contractors with valid licenses and insurance that covers personal injury and property damage.

To find your ideal general contractor, you can review the ratings and comments left by our community of homeowners in our recent projects. We also provide you with all the best practices per project type and pricing benchmarks gathered by over 1,000 other renovation projects started on our platform. We are currently not able to support minor repair and maintenance projects costing less than $20,000.

How do I find a reliable and qualified general contractor?

Billdr helps you find a qualified general contractor with liability insurance and licenses. The process is simple:
- Tell us about your project
- Make an appointment for a free consultation with a Billdr Consultant
- Get referrals of interior designers, architects and engineers
- Meet with Billdr's certified general contractors and get quotes.

How much Billdr service cost for homeowners?

Billdr is 100% free for homeowners. Contractors pay us a subscription fee to get access to leads like yours, saving them marketing expenses.

How many quotes can I get?

Expect to receive up to three quotes for your projects. We will be able to obtain quotes more quickly and at the same time than if you were looking alone.

Why trust general contractors from Billdr?

Contractors from Billdr are verified manually by our team. They must have a valid license to access our platform. Learn how we vet contractors

Can you help me find an architect or interior designers?

Yes, we can connect you for free with our talented architects or interior designers

What are the types of renovation projects with Billdr?

We mostly specialize in residential projects over $20K, such as bathroom, kitchen, basement, full home remodel, home extension.

Not ready yet?

Plan your home renovations with our cost estimators for different spaces.

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