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Introducing Billdr Magazine

Joelle Irvine

By Joelle Irvine

Have you spent the last year rearranging furniture, painting rooms, and thinking about ways to jazz up your home? You’re not alone. A Billdr survey conducted with Léger in October 2020 found that 38 percent of Canadian homeowners decided to undertake a home renovation due to the pandemic. My family and I used our free time to set up our home office and finally get around to painting the kitchen, and I have to say our place has never looked so good. At the same time, I spent last summer speaking at conferences and writing about the important role visuals play in inspiring people online, especially for brands in the home design space. Home improvement has always been a passion of mine, so I thought: What better way to support the homeowner community than to launch a magazine dedicated to sharing expertise from local professionals, the latest design trends, and behind the scenes stories from Billdr? 

What is Billdr Magazine?

Billdr Magazine is a new online publication packed with design trends and inspiration, planning tips, expert insights, and personal home renovation stories. We strive to be local, inclusive, and diverse in the stories we share and the people we work with. From planning a major renovation to navigating construction and maintaining your beautiful home, Billdr Magazine is here for you.

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Billr Magazine launched March 2021.

What’s inside

We’re launching our first issue with five articles, and plan to publish new pieces every week. Our first feature showcases talented renovation professionals across Montreal—including Billdr co-founder and COO, Yahya Diallo—and underscores the need for more diversity in the industry. With millions of Canadians still working from home, Yuki Hayashi asks a real estate agent and interior designer in Toronto to find out if it’s finally time to close the door on open-concept spaces. Rebecca Riordon investigates the age-old question: Is it time to add an extension, or move out and move on? In need of a home spa experience? Local experts share their bathroom remodel tips with Ursula Leonwicz. Lastly, in our first instalment of Behind the Billd, Vivek walks us through his experience remodeling his Montreal duplex.

“Our mission from day one is to make home renovations simple, transparent, and efficient for everyone,” says Bertrand Nembot, CEO and co-founder of Billdr. “Every day, we ask ourselves how we can shed more light on best practices for home renovations in an appealing and easy to read format. Billdr Magazine is our answer to this question.”

As we don’t yet have a contributors page, I would also like to give a shout out to all of our talented writers, industry experts that shared their insights, our graphic designer Alexandra Snell, English editor Katie Sehl, and French content adaptors, Violaine Charest-Sigouin and Maude Labelle.

Billdr Magazine launched March 2021 with articles that we hope will inspire you, help you plan your next renovation, or see things through a different lens. 

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Thank you for reading,

Joelle Irvine
Editorial Director, Billdr Magazine

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Joelle Irvine

Joelle Irvine is the Editorial Director of Billdr Magazine. Previously, she served as production director of Air Canada enRoute, Mercedes-Benz, IG Wealth Management, and Fairmont magazines. She writes and speaks internationally about content strategy for interior design and retail brands, large and small. She loves all things nature, design, pop culture, and tech. 

Connect with her on Instagram, LinkedIn & Twitter.


Billdr Magazine is an online publication packed with design trends and inspiration, expert insights, and personal home renovation stories. From planning a major renovation to navigating construction and maintaining your beautiful home, Billdr Magazine is here for you.