Billdr supports and facilitates your home renovation experience, from defining your project scope and budget planning to project completion.

The One

Existing kitchen or bathroom renovation, flooring, doors and windows, or paving.

The Select

Multiple rooms, basement, garage, larger exterior renovations, balcony, or stairs.

The Major

Full home remodel, home addition or extension, secondary suite, basement suite, laneway house, or accessory dwelling unit (ADU).

Project planning services

Advisor Yahya

Scope & budget estimate

Starting at $200

+ taxes

Trustpilot 5 stars


  • Visits your home
  • Defines the project scope
  • Creates and provides 2D floor plans
  • Provides a budget estimate within one week

No commitment, free of charge.


Get a detailed project scope, budget estimate, and two to three quotes from Billdr certified general contractors for your home renovation projects valued at $10,000 or more.


Homeowners who want market-price renovations and costs broken down by task before receiving quotes from general contractors.

A community of architects, engineers, and interior designers.

Once the in-person consultation is complete, we direct you to one of our partners. Whether you need an architect, technologist, interior designer, or structural engineer, we will help you find the right professional for your job.

One of the key benefits of having a Billdr Project manager by your side is that they can help you optimize and review the plans you receive. This important step allows you to ensure the final design meets your needs before obtaining quotes from general contractors.

In Québec, we also provide assistance on building permit file applications with the Planning Advisory Committee, to save you the hassle.


Design & permit support


+ taxes

(excludes design and permitting fees)

  • Initial budget estimate and scope prior to design
  • Referrals to engineers, architects, and interior designers as required
  • Coordination and support during design phase
  • Revised scope and detailed estimate upon completion of the design
  • Support with building permit file applications (in Québec only)
  • Construction budget optimization based on architectural/engineering plans

Project management services

Advisor Raphael

On-site Project Management

Starting at $1,000

+ taxes


  • Visits the site weekly
  • Provides support with scope changes
  • Verifies extra costs
  • Reviews deficiencies


  • The One


  • The Select


  • The Major


No commitment, free of charge.


Get personalized support throughout your construction project. A stress-free formula that gives you access to a dedicated Billdr Project manager.


Large projects valued at over $50,000 such as renovations with multiple rooms, home additions, and extensions.

Client reviews

Trustpilot 5 stars

Excellent service

I got great service for my bathroom renovation. The home renovation advisor is very knowledgeable and has been available throughout the process.

Abraham.Z - Jun 2020

Trustpilot 5 stars

Backyard Renovation Success!

We used Billdr to renovate our backyard. The service was highly valuable - key for us was: making the scope clear in terms contractors understood, independent validation of budget ...

Simon.B - Oct 2020

Trustpilot 5 stars

AAA+ service!

I cannot recommend the Billdr service enough! They helped scope the project, find the right contractor, manage the project throughout, and then stayed involved until the very end to make sure I was 100% satisfied.

Cherif.H - Aug 2020


Frequently Asked Questions

Is it more expensive to renovate with Billdr?

No, our goal is to find the best value between price and quality. One of the most significant financial benefits of working with a Billdr Project manager is that you are able to challenge and adjust architectural and engineering plans, potentially saving you thousands of dollars.

How many quotes can I get?

Expect to receive a maximum of two quotes for projects under $100,000 and three for projects exceeding this amount.

What happens if a renovation job doesn't go well?

In the unlikely event of an issue, your Project manager will facilitate communication for a fast resolution. Because we stay involved throughout your renovation, the risk of this outcome is low.

More FAQs

Renovations are too expensive to be mediocre.

Get a Project manager by your side.

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Project manager

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Project manager

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Advisor Yahya

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Project manager

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