Budget estimate example Entire home renovation

Work required: Extension with basement ~600sqft total plus complete renovation of the house, including plumbing and electricity. 2 washrooms, 4 bedrooms, kitchen, living room ~1400sqft and finishing materials.



Example of an entire home renovation

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Why do you need a Billdr estimate?

Traditional contractor quotes lack details

Contractors focus their efforts on confirmed projects, with little time for detailing work on unsigned contracts. Their quotes can be free as those require less details.

Change orders can often arise during construction

Without a detailed review of the project scope ahead of construction, you run a greater risk of encountering surprises during construction that will result in additional cost.

Contractor quotes are hard to compare

Without a standardized bidding process, contractors quotes can vary greatly in format since each contractor has their own way of interpreting a renovation project.

Final designs may exceed allotted budget

Architects and engineers are not contractors and cannot provide accurate construction prices. Many owners are forced to modify the plans once the bids have been received to adjust them to their budget.

Difficulty in making key decisions

Many homewoners lack proper guidance and support in making critical decisions during the design process. This can lead to costly design changes and delays during construction.

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