Why should you work with a Billdr Project Manager

Managing a renovation project on your own can quickly become overwhelming and stressful. Billdr offers project management services to guide you through the entire process, from start to finish. You’ll be supported every step of the way with a project manager who’ll advocate for you and ensure that construction progresses smoothly. 

This guide will give you more insights into who these project managers are and how they can help you with your renovations.

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What kind of background do Billdr project managers have?

Billdr project managers are knowledgeable individuals who have a professional background in the construction industry. Get to know our project managers by viewing their individuals bios — each of them have their own expertise and set of skills! From construction supervision, stone masonry, landscape design to greenhouses, cottage architecture, and structural design… they cover a wide range of specializations across the construction industry.

What roles do they play during my renovations?

Your dedicated project manager will first meet with you during a home visit to understand your vision, priorities, and expectations. Touring your property will ensure that they are aligned with your renovation needs as they define the scope of your project. After your home visit is complete, you’ll then receive your detailed estimate, as crafted by your project manager.

Adapt to your budget

A Billdr project manager will work with you to develop a realistic budget for your project, based on what needs to be done. For example, the choice of materials, ceramic types, cabinetry, or other finishings can have a huge impact on the total price of your project. Based on your renovation goals, your project manager will come up with different alternatives that will fit both your project scope and your budget — making sure that your input is always taken into consideration.

Coordinate with construction professionals

There are many moving parts to a renovation project — and a lot of information to keep track of. Project managers have a strong network that extends upon many different construction professionals, such as general contractors, architects, designers, and engineers whose expertise they can seek out to see your project through to completion. 

After helping you set your budget, project managers will coordinate the process for getting architectural, engineering, or interior design drawings, as required. Since the architect, engineer and interior designer will also have to work with the budget that you’ve established, your project manager will also have to manage a few back-and-forth exchanges to ensure that every stakeholder is well informed and aligned.

Be your advocate throughout construction

Your project manager will remain present all throughout the construction phase to support you during your renovations. Whether it’s answering questions, resolving issues, or keeping you updated with your project’s status, they’ll be available at every step of the way to ensure that your renovation is a success. 

Should they arise, miscommunications are quickly resolved to minimize friction between your and your contractor. As the intermediary between the two parties, your project manager will ensure that communications remain transparent and that everyone is well informed when it comes to project updates. You’ll also have direct access to weekly site visits, change order reports, paid invoices, and a list of completed tasks to keep track of your renovation progress through your own project dashboard.

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