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Collaborating with Billdr will allow you to take on more projects at once while focusing on growing your business.

Let's collaborate to bring your clients' visions to life

Eliminate surprises upfront

We review project scope and design plans to minimize costly changes down the line.

Shave off weeks from project timelines

Accelerate your clients' renovations with Billdr’s agile project management process.

Bridge the renovation gap

Get better results by optimizing collaboration between design and build pros.

How we help architects

Drawing phase

Drawing phase

• Receive a detailed estimate, scope, and different pricing options from Billdr

• Create your own drawings as per the contract

• Receive DWG of existing plans with 98% accuracy from Billdr

• Gain access to full technical support from Billdr for construction-related topics and a community of construction professionals (architects, engineers, interior designers)

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Permit phase

Permit phase

• Plan your own back-and-forths with the permit committee

• Complete your drawing revisions

• Receive technical recommendations for proposed revision and repricing of estimates according to plans

Comparable quotes

Bidding phase

• Receive 2-3 quotes from Billdr-vetted general contractors

• Review quotes, which fall within Billdr’s estimate range 88% of the time

• Avoid further drawing revisions due to misaligned client budget vs. high general contractor quotes

Construction phase

Construction phase

• Include optional project management for your clients

• Gain full visibility with weekly site reports from Billdr

• Have facilitated communication between the general contractor, the homeowner, and you

• Avoid any unexpected extras

See an example of a visit report
Post construction phase

Post-construction phase

• Acquire professional pictures for all projects with project features in our Inspiration Gallery

• Receive full credit, website backlinks, and co-branded opportunities with our Case Studies

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As-built measurement services

Save time and focus on the tasks you enjoy by working with Billdr to receive the existing measurements for your next project.

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Why work with Billdr?

Renovation prices are ambiguous and continuously changing and a small contractor network can be limiting.

Billdr can keep you from overworking yourself.

Without Billdr




Client meetings

Sourcing furniture, finishes & materials


Site visits




Project managing


With Billdr




Client meetings

Sourcing furniture, finishes & materials

Let us take care of the rest!

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Billdr is a home renovation and construction marketplace where we believe that transparency fosters a healthier and more competitive environment, benefitting both homeowners and general contractors.

As the company grows, people often ask us, “How does Billdr make money?” We hope to shed more light on our business model by offering a three-part answer to that question based on revenue generation, competitive pricing, and contractor service fees.

  • Billdr charges a project planning fee to homeowners which ranges from $250-$650
  • Billdr charges a project management fee to homeowners, which ranges from $1,250-$4,500
  • Billdr charges general contractors a service fee ranging from 4-8% depending on the size of the project (The larger the project, the smaller the percentage)

We connect with contractors through three different methods: 

  • Direct applicants requesting to join Billdr’s network through our website
  • Outreach leads are general contractors that we reach out to after seeing their quality work
  • Referrals from our design partners, past clients and other general contractors

All general contractors that we partner with go through a rigorous vetting process in order to join the Billdr network. You can learn more about that process here.

Ambiguous renovation pricing makes it difficult to understand what it will cost to bring your designs to life. At Billdr, we are constantly updating our price catalog in order to give you an up-to-date estimate every step of the way. Thanks to the industry experts on our team, as well as the trusted general contractors in our network, we are able to ensure that the estimates that we deliver to you will reflect the latest in material and labor price fluctuations.

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