As-built measurement services

Save time and focus on the tasks you enjoy by working with Billdr to receive as-built measurements for your next project.

What our partners are saying

Extremely satisfied

For a first time experience with Billdr I am extremely satisfied! Not only was it fast, but I am getting everything I need to start working on my project. We will definitely be contacting Billdr again for all our surveys and possibly other services!

Guillaume B.


Smooth collaboration

It has been the smoothest collaboration I've ever done with a company!

Raphael K.

Interior Designer

Great experience

I like Billdr's streamlined process, and I hope for many more projects in the future!

Rachel M.

Interior Designer

Accurate measurements, efficient designing

Receive your precise measurements quickly so you can start designing with no time wasted.

  • Jumpstart your project: Begin drawing immediately by creating your base plan with the files we provide you with.
  • Do what you like: Recording existing measurements can be tedious and time-consuming. Allow us to relieve you of this task so you can complete the work you enjoy.
  • Impress your clients: Stand out from your competition and impress your clients by delivering precise and professionally-recorded measurements.
  • Establish more competitive pricing
    thanks to costs savings.
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Our services

Existing floor plans icon

Existing floor plans

Ideal for sharing existing drawings

Floor and ceiling plan images icon

Floor and ceiling plan images

At a glance, view your ceiling and floor details in one photo

3D mesh file icon

3D mesh file

Allows you to work from the mesh file model directly in Sketchup or Revit

Colorized Point Cloud icon

Colorized Point Cloud

A more robust 3D file with textures and colours - to use with Revit & Rhino

Virtual tour icon

Virtual Tour

3D virtual tour with on-screen measuring abilities

Exterior elevations icon

Exterior Elevations

Receive an accurate representation of the building volume

Custom Drawings icon

Custom Drawings

Customize our as-built drawings to fit your specifications

Take a look at the sample files

Preview samples

Our Pricing

0-1,000 SF: $350

1,001-3,000 SF: $450

3,001-4,000 SF: $600

4,000+ SF: Custom

Includes the virtual tour, DWG & PDF floor plans, mesh file and point cloud.

0-1,000 SF: $200

1,001-3,000 SF: $300

3,001-4,000 SF: $450

4,000+ SF: Custom

Includes the virtual tour.

The pricing for exterior elevations depends on the number of sides and floors of the property. Here is a breakdown of the pricing:

1 side x 1 floor: $200

2 sides x 1 floor: $300

3 sides x 1 floor: $400

4 sides x 1 floor: $500

The price will double as the number of floors increases. These prices are for reference only. Our account executives will build a price based on your project's size, complexity, and delay requirements.

Virtual Tour Example

Get a glimpse of our 3D virtual tour

How it works

Work with a Billdr measurement services expert to receive your accurate results.
Measurement planning

Measurement planning

Assign a time to a Billdr measurement expert to go on site and take the measurements you need.

Detailed floor plan

Access measurements

Receive the measurements from Billdr quickly.

Download sample
Design phase commences

Design phase commences

Kick-start the design process with your precise measurements.

About our as-built measurement service

Architects are typically used to visiting the space and recording measurements manually. This process is often difficult and time consuming, though, and takes away time that can be better spent on other revenue-generating tasks. Our current architect partners tell us that recording the measurements of a space can take many hours or even days to complete, which interferes with their workflows. 

In order to speed up this process and produce accurate recordings, our as-built measurement service records measurements in the span of only 1 to 2 hours and delivers the full package within a week. The package comes with components such as a3D virtual tour that allows for zooming abilities and measurement recording from the tour itself. This will automatically improve the accuracy of your drawings and ensure that you never miss a detail of a space again.

There is nothing like being physically present on site to familiarize yourself with the space and thoroughly reflect on design opportunities, and we encourage you to continue performing site visits. We agree that it’s important for the architect to see the space firsthand, but we also know the limits of recording measurements with a measuring tape and laser. 

Manual recordings can take up significant chunks of time and energy. Instead of developing a strong relationship with your client where you can gain a clearer understanding of their vision, you’re juggling your supplies while attempting to get your accurate measurements. 

With the provided 3D virtual tour, reflected ceiling plans, and DWG floor plans that comes with your package, you can take the time to focus on more important tasks during site visits knowing that you will be able to deliver quality measurements to your client.

We’ve heard from our architect partners that for a typical site measurement for a client, they will charge up to $1,500 and take approximately 2-4 days of their time to measure a 3,000 square foot home and fully create their base plan. That sounds like a lot of time and energy put into something that doesn’t even guarantee complete accuracy. 

That is why we’ve priced our as-built measurement services so you can make a higher profit with our services compared to using your own team while saving time. Our prices start at $350 and come with a full package of documents you would not be able to receive from a manual recording.

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