Exterior renovation in Montreal

Get the exterior space you’ve always dreamed of. Whether you’re transforming your backyard into a perfect little oasis for some sweet respite or redoing your driveway and pavement, your outdoor space is just as important as your main living quarters.

Receive planning advice, quotes from vetted general contractors, and support from start to finish with a dedicated project manager for a successful exterior renovation in Montreal.

How Billdr works

Working with Billdr to complete your exterior renovation will provide you with assistance and support every step of the way. From finding the right general contractor that will get the job done to consistent check-ins to ensure your project is running smoothly, Billdr is here to help guide you through the renovation process with little to no stress.

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How it works

What you can do with your exterior renovation

Whether it’s a backyard, patio, balcony, or driveway, exterior renovation projects have a lot to offer when it comes to elevating the look of your home. Between adding a pool to your backyard to create your own summer oasis and building a balcony for easier access to the outdoors directly from your bedroom, the options are endless with an exterior renovation.

Exterior renovation examples

For those summer days when the only relief could come from a quick dip in a pool, why not bring it to your own backyard? With an assortment of design and material options to choose from to make it distinctly yours, a pool can be a fun and worthwhile addition to your backyard space for the whole family to enjoy. Check out our article for some more pool design tips!

Potential water damage from the exterior can be a major stressor in a home, but with the quick and easy installation of a French drain, you can rest assured that your foundation will remain water-free. With a simple technology that is easy to install and will redirect water from the areas you don’t want it to go, French drains are the perfect solution.

As the front of your home is the first thing people see, transforming the entrance can make a world of difference. By adding in a columned portico or expanding the front porch and walkway for a more elegant entrance, elevate the front of your home to impress your guests.

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Get inspired by our past projects

Check out some of our previous renovation projects to see how other Montreal homeowners decided to give their exterior a makeover.

Billdr Services

We offer a wide range of services that will meet the specific needs of your exterior renovation project.

Project management icon

Project management

Receive personalized support throughout your project, including weekly site visits, progress reports, and budget monitoring.

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Project planning icon

Project planning

Get a clear project scope, 2D floors plans, and a detailed budget estimate within a week made by a Billdr project manager.

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Architectural design icon

Architectural design

Transform your vision into reality with architectural plans to identify project requirements and building permits early.

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Interior design icon

Interior design

Billdr partners with experienced interior designers to turn your ideas into reality and create your dream space.

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Unlock peace of mind with a warranty against unforeseen circumstances that may occur during your renovations.

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Feasibility study icon

Feasibility study

Your feasibility report will be prepared by an OAA licensed architect in collaboration with your Billdr project manager.

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We know how stressful it can be to undertake a home renovation project. That's why we’re here to support you at every project stage, from planning to construction. From facilitating your search for a vetted general contractor to ensuring that your renovation goes smoothly, you can rest assured that your project is in good hands. We’ll be your right-hand person advocating for your vision all the way through so that the final results meet your expectations.

The average cost of an exterior renovation can vary based on the type of renovation and scope of work. Here are some examples of work and costs that may be included in a full home renovation:

Pool installation [per square foot]: 

Standard: $45

Mid-range: $72

High-end: $105

Building a new deck [per square foot with treated wood]:

Standard: $48

Mid-range: $54

High-end: $60

The price of your full home renovation will also depend on the scope of the project and materials used. Our Project managers will help you define your project scope and send you a detailed budget estimate before you meet with general contractors.

Billdr will help you find the right general contractor for your project. All of the general contractors we work with have gone through a rigorous vetting process to ensure high-quality craftsmanship and strong work ethics. Through our network, you’ll be able to choose from qualified and reliable contractors with valid licenses and insurance that covers personal injury and property damage.

Tell us about your project to set up a personalized phone call and home visit to assess your renovation needs. As soon as your detailed project scope and budget estimate are ready, your project will be live on our network of certified general contractors. Depending on your project’s size, you will then receive two-to-three comparable quotes to choose from.

A building permit is required if you plan on modifying how a room is being used (e.g. adding a bathroom, converting a bedroom into a kitchen, adding an extension, etc.) or changing the outside of your property (façade, windows, etc.). To find out if you need to apply for a permit, check with your municipality. You can also read our guides to learn more about building permits in Toronto or building permits in Montreal.

Changes to your project that occur once construction has started are called change orders. Navigating them can be tricky, but that’s why your Billdr project manager is here to help. You can send your change requests to your general contractor in writing, but make sure that your project manager is included in all communications. Before any changes are made, ask what kind of impact these changes will have on your timeline and the costs of your project to avoid unwanted surprises.

Turning exterior renovation ideas into reality

Ready to finally renovate your home's exterior but are unsure of the specifics? Book a consultation today to learn more about how Billdr can help you!