About Billdr

At Billdr, we took on the daunting task of creating a central platform that reinvents the home renovation experience from start to finish for homeowners and general contractors. We’re building the most complete platform to help homeowners plan and manage large home renovation projects.

We launched our operations in 2020, starting with Montréal. Since then, we’ve expanded our coverage for homeowners to Toronto and Chicago. Over 5,000 homeowners have used our platform to start planning or inquiring about their home renovation projects. We had the privilege to serve over 1,000 homeowners for renovations worth over $100M.

Our mission

Our mission is to make home renovations simple, transparent, and efficient for everyone.

The founder’s story

In 2011, co-founder Bertrand Nembot ventured into house flipping (buying, renovating, and selling property) for the first time. But he soon came to find that it was quite difficult to find vetted contractors on the market.

One general contractor went bankrupt, resulting in loss of more than $20,000. Two other contractors failed to provide quality renovations within a reasonable timeframe.

So, after two years of flipping houses in the greater Montréal area, Bertrand started to devise his own plans to improve the experience.

After starting his career in strategy consulting, launching across the globe marketplaces at Uber and fintech operations at Branch, Bertrand assembled a team to launch Billdr in 2020.

The home renovation industry offers little transparency

Today, the home renovation experience in North America remains disjointed and complicated. Homeowners in the USA and Canada spend over $500B in home improvements annually in a fragmented industry that is outdated and offers little transparency.

  • Homeowners still find it challenging to find a trustworthy contractor
  • There are communication gaps between homeowners and general contractors, leading to a lack of information and trust
  • There is no standardized renovation code of conduct for homeowners and general contractors
  • Customer service continues to be an area that needs improvement

Bridging the renovation gap

We built the operating system for homeowners via a dashboard made specifically to plan & manage your large home renovation projects. Think of it as a co-pilot that contains a step by step flow with best practices to guide you during the design phase, the bidding phase and the construction phase. The platform benefits from the knowledge and intelligence built over 1,000+ home renovation projects from $20k up to $3M.

Moreover, with our network of vetted and trusted contractors, Billdr helps homeowners find the best professionals for their projects, while providing ample support to general contractors through a tailored software so that they can focus on what they do best: building your dream home.

How it works

Our VISIon

To provide society with an exceptional home renovation experience by bringing out the best in construction professionals.

Our values

We’re customer-obsessed

Our customers come first in everything we do.

We bring a Mamba

Mentality every day

Hustle is the name of the game, greatness is the prize. We work harder than our competitors. We get back up after every stepback. We bring the best version of ourselves to work.

Only owners survive

in this house

We take ownership of every decision we make. We take initiatives. We seek constant feedback.

We raise

the bar

We insist on the highest standards for our work, the quality of new hires, the promotions within the company.

We seek truth

at all times

We are data-driven. We stay curious. We challenge ideas regardless of hierarchy status to find the best outcome.

We let

Builders build

We keep bureaucracy out of the way and let Builders do their best work.

We make

big bold bets

We think big and are not afraid to try to implement bold ideas.

We’re a


Everything is earned, nothing is given.

We rise to the


We have ice in our veins, we’re comfortable under pressure, and deliver results.

We love

our cities

We build our product locally to celebrate the cities that we live in.

We take care

of our Builders

We take care of each other. We invest into the development of our employees. We take pride in each individual’s success.

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By joining the Billdr network, general contractors can free up their schedule for more revenue-creating operations with access to pre-qualified customers, project management support, and semi-automated tools.

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