What about my insurance for my property during the renovations?

Before starting a home renovation project, we advise you to contact your home insurance company to notify your intentions in order to check (or modify if needed) the insurance plan of your property. For example, if you decide to add a new floor to your home, your insurer will probably have to update your insurance coverage since this new floor was not included in your insurance policy.

Civil liability insurance

It is highly recommended to hire an insured general contractor! The most important insurance for home renovations is the civil liability insurance. It offers the general contractor a wide protection in the event of material damages (to your property or that of your neighbor) or bodily injuries, if these are related to the work in progress on the construction site. Note that the general contractor is responsible for the construction site area.

Construction site insurance

If your property is not insured at the time your home renovation project: for example you just bought a house and you start renovations before subscribing to the plan of an insurer or you decide to add an extra floor in your house already insured (this new floor is not included in your previous policy), we advise you to ask your general contractor for a construction site insurance. The amount of coverage of this insurance must be at least equal to the value of the construction work being performed.

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