Why choose a general contractor with a valid RBQ license?

The Régie du bâtiment du Quebec (RBQ) regulates laws and regulations, the code of construction, standards, laws and code of safety on buildings, laws on energy saving, etc. It is a very important institution that, in a public protection objective, contributes in addition to the adoption of construction standards, to the qualification of construction contractors or owner-builders. The main license of a construction contractor is the RBQ license.

General contractor vs specialized contractor

There are two main categories of licenses: the general contractor license and the specialized contractor license. For each, there are several categories. Each category demonstrates a qualification of the contractor to perform certain work. The main difference between a general contractor and a specialized contractor is the fact that a general contractor can subcontract part of his construction contract, ie use another contractor to do some or all of the work. A general contractor may also carry out work himself if he has in addition to his general contractor’s license, the specialized license(s) required.

Verifying the validity of a RBQ license

A general contractor in good standing won’t be reluctant to provide her RBQ number. Moreover, the RBQ number is often written on the quote provided. The RBQ license number is in this form: 12345-1234-12. A public registry of RBQ license holders is accessible on the RBQ website. You’ll find useful information such as: the issue & expiration dates, the types of construction work a contractor can perform, contact information.

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