How to find a reliable general contractor for your home renovation?

For most homeowners, home renovation projects have always been a source of high anxiety due to the lack of pricing transparency or the risk of meeting unprofessional contractors without valid credentials.

Hiring the right contractor is certainly not an easy task. It requires a lot of time, energy and due diligence to search for professionals in your area who have the expertise and experience to successfully complete the job.

At Billdr, we get to know the general contractors serving your area before accepting them in our network.

Billdr vetting process

One-on-one interviews
We interview every single contractor to ensure they meet our high standards of professionalism, responsiveness and client service skills.

We require a minimum of five years of experience running a general contractor business, beyond having several years of experience in construction. Exception: Contractors who have multiple years of experience managing projects, but are not business owners.

Due diligence
We follow a rigorous audit process with the consumer agency to ensure that contractors have not been the subject of complaints or formal notices in the past. We then ensure that they are referred by homeowners, like you, project after project by contacting at least three of their past clients to learn more about their experience with the general contractor.

Audits with governmental institutions are carried out to ensure that contractors have the licenses and skills required to carry out your home renovation.

We require all contractors registered on our platform to have up-to-date third-party liability insurance for a minimum value of $ 2,000,000. This insurance allows you to be better protected in the event of damage to your property or your neighbor’s, or in the case of an accident on the construction site.

Site inspection
We visit at least two of the general contractor's on-going projects (outside of Billdr) in order to ensure that they meet our quality standards

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