How to prepare for your pre-construction kickoff meeting

You’re at one of the most critical phases in your project during which all the planning and detailing occurs. As construction work starts in your home, you will also be communicating with both your Billdr project manager and your chosen contractor. While you may have a detailed scope, budget, and contract in place, there will always be details to iron out when it comes to how the day-to-day work unfolds between you and your contractor.

To set your project up for success, your Billdr project manager will facilitate a project kickoff meeting with you and your contractor.

In this short guide, we’ll cover three key points about your pre-construction kickoff meeting:

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Why is a kickoff meeting important?

Your Billdr project manager will work with you to schedule a kickoff meeting over Zoom or in person with your contractor. This kickoff meeting will be a good opportunity for you to ask all lingering questions that you may have and get clarification on the construction process for your project. Your dedicated project manager will then prepare a detailed agenda of all the talkpoints that need to be addressed during the meeting to ensure that you are well prepared for your renovations ahead.

What information will be covered during the meeting?

The pre-construction kickoff meeting will give you more insight on the following:

While most concerns will be addressed through this list, the latter remains flexible. Any other topic can be discussed — we want to provide you with all the information you need for a successful project. The main purpose of this meeting is to open up a safe and collaborative space for communication. Your Billdr project manager will note down key takeaways from this meeting to keep a written record of everything that was discussed and to ensure that everyone is made aware and is on the same page.

What happens after the meeting?

After the kickoff meeting, your Billdr project manager will share those meeting notes, so that any action items can be taken care of. They will also set up a group chat on WhatsApp (or any other preferred group messaging app) to keep communications going all throughout the project. Finally, they will build you a shared project folder which will contain all the documentation for your project, including progress photos and site visit reports.

Should you have any questions or need further assistance, consider your Billdr project manager as your main point of contact for the rest of your renovations!

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