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Bungalow main floor renovation

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3.5 months

With an already completed basement renovation, Belinda knew the process of home construction, but was craving a more guided experience for the renovation of the entire ground floor of her 1950s bungalow.

Belinda had strong design visions for her renovation project and was already working with an architect before contacting Billdr, but decided to reach out when she saw the true value of our project management services. Ultimately, she knew that having a partner throughout the process would make it both easier and enjoyable.

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Megan McMurray
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A smart and easy revamp

For Belinda’s project, Billdr is renovating her home to improve necessary aspects and overall functionality of the space. With new beams, wall paneling, a brand new kitchen with built-in cabinetry, and improved insulation to keep the space warm during those frigid Canadian winters, this ground-floor revamp will make the space more functional and comfortable to live in.

After reviewing her estimate and sending the project out to our general contractors, Belinda chose a GC who ended up being the perfect match. Belinda and Joseph from Cedarstone Renovations Improvements have developed a great relationship and are consistently vocal about how easy it is to work with one another.

Even with careful planning, issues will always arise that aren’t apparent in the existing drawings. But with a dedicated team and constant communication, we have been able to easily come up with design solutions for the structural adjustments to the space and are on track to complete Belinda’s bungalow renovation with more time and less money to spend!

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