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Major french drain installation

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8 weeks

The residents of a Montreal building complex became concerned when water began to leak into the bottom floor units. After exploring the issue on their own with an architect, they learned that the waterproofing membrane was damaged and would have to be replaced. Unsure of where to start with this project, the residents contacted Billdr so they could find the right general contractor that would be able to get the job done.

The residents presented Billdr with their own drawings so a scope and estimate could be created, but without enough information, the estimate was not precise enough. In order to establish a more accurate estimate, general contractor Erico was able to do some exploratory excavations in order to determine the extent of the membrane damage and narrow down the scope of work.

Project manager
Dominique Cliche
general contractor
Erico Sciortino
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Guaranteeing protection from infiltration

For this project, Erico set out to excavate a trench around the entire back portion of the building complex so he could remove the damaged membrane and replace it with a french drain. French drains are sturdy and long-lasting drainage systems that can adequately protect the property from water infiltration, are simple to install (when done by a professional), and are easy to obscure. In the event of reoccurring flooding or general drainage issues, a french drain system is an effective solution.

Due to the excavation to install the french drain system, Billdr also rebuilt the courtyard to restore the appearance of the exterior area. With work successfully completed, this building complex is protected from water damage and prepared for years to come.

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