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Garage remodel and bedroom transformation

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5 weeks

Getting creative with a brand new bedroom

For the other portion of this project, the homeowner was looking to convert her loft-style bedroom at the bottom floor of her 3-flat into an official and marketable one bedroom. With only a half-wall existing along the stairs and no room for a closet, the space couldn’t be used as an actual bedroom. But with some rearranging and creative reimagining on the general contractor's part, the space was quickly transformed into a livable room.

First, the half-wall was removed and replaced with a full-sized wall that features a pocket door. The closet presented the largest challenge due to limited space, but with a commitment to install a closet without taking up too much room, David and Tommy worked within the confines of the area. By building a suspended closet into the new full-sized wall equipped with built-in shelving and drawers, the closet could seamlessly be included in the room without taking up unnecessary space.

Finding solutions within small spaces like this can be tricky, but with expert advice from general contractors like Atelier Finishes and clear communication, this homeowner can enjoy her newly renovated and repurposed spaces.

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Thomas Hellios
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