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Live project: A Seamless Space in this Modern Montreal Home

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Cost: $149,347

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Duration: 3 months

For his renovation, this Montreal homeowner had one thing in mind: space. With plans to remove the walls in both the kitchen and upstairs bedrooms and extend the bathroom, this home was transformed into a seamless space that could allow for easier and more fluid movement throughout it. 

In the kitchen, the homeowner opted for a clean and modern look. By removing a wall in the kitchen to expand the space, they could add in a kitchen island and breakfast nook in the corner for an improved layout. The kitchen cabinets also received an upgrade with high-end materials and soft-close features.

James Jefford, project manager

project manager

James Jefford

Jean-Sabastien Lavoie, general contractor

General contractor

Jean-Sabastien Lavoie

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Making room for a sleeker bathroom

Upstairs, the bedrooms and bathroom were also extended to continue the fluid style. The wall separating the two bedrooms was removed to merge the two rooms and create a master bedroom. In addition to this, the homeowner chose to install a walk-in closet so they could fully embrace the benefits of a larger space.

The bathroom saw some of the most stunning changes. By extending the space in the bathroom, the homeowner was able to install a freestanding bathtub and a longer vanity with storage space that could line the wall. White marble tiling and dark fixtures in the Italian shower have given the space a sleek appearance, along with a darkly-painted wall at the back of the bathroom that stands in contrast to the white walls and floors, completing the modern look.

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