case study

French drain installation

Renovation cost

Cost: $26,500

Renovation duration

Duration: 1 week

The project consisted of installing a french drain on the 3 facades of the building constructed in the 1930s, in order to protect the foundations against humidity and allow better stormwater drainage system.

Project manager

Yahya Diallo

General contractor

Joseph Vani

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The general contractor in charge of the project started with the excavation work up to the footings, all along with the building. Then, the foundation walls were cleaned and dried before repairing the concrete cracks. Then, the contractor proceeded with the waterproofing of the foundation walls with the installation of the Delta MS waterproof membrane. The french drain was subsequently installed along with the footings: it is perforated conduct, under a stone backfill, to allow the collection of water. It is connected to a new custom-built catch basin in the basement of the building.

The contractor also installed access and maintenance chimneys for the drain from the surface. The work was finished with the soil backfilling and the installation of new window wells.

Costs breakdown

French drain installation & backyard renovation




Waterproofing and french drain


Driveway excavation and backfill


GST 5%


QST 9.975%



Payment schedule

French drain installation


End of Work (100%)



Before French drain renovation

French drain, before renovation
Driveway, before renovation

During French drain renovation

French drain, during renovation
Excavation of french drain, during renovation
French drain, during renovation

After French drain renovation

Renovated french drain
Renovated driveway with backfill


All renovation projects have a 1-year warranty by default from the contractors who performed the renovation.

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