Building the best way to plan, manage, and execute your large home renovation project

Our thesis is that home renovation needs a central platform that easily connects all stakeholders around a home renovation project at a tap of a button: homeowners, architects, engineers, and general contractors.

We cannot stress enough that renovating a home is a difficult experience to go through even if you have a great general contractor. The good news is that we built the platform to make this experience better for homeowners and general contractors. Our product strategy focuses on residential renovation projects above $20k up to $3M.

Our mission

Our mission is to make home renovations simple, transparent, and efficient for everyone.

Dashboard homeowner

We simplify the home renovation process

Our team at Billdr continuously builds products and workflows to guide homeowners step by step throughout your home renovation journey. We want to simplify a process that can be quite daunting to understand and to grasp for first time renovators. If you’re wondering where to start your large home renovation project? What’s the process and most common pitfalls? You’re at the right place.

Dashboard homeowner

We bring more transparency

On their homeowner dashboard, homeowners can find a lot of information in order to make better educated decisions for your large home renovation project. Homeowners benefit from the collective intelligence gathered over thousands of projects with best practices and tips at all stages of a renovation project. If you’re wondering how much your renovation should cost ? What are the best practices to find and handle the relationship with a great general contractor? You’re at the right place

We make your home renovation experience efficient

We built a network of licensed construction professionals that respond fast: from architects, engineers, interior designers, general contractors. Over the years, we built them software tools to better handle homeowners’ requests and better serve homeowners.

A closer look step by step

Get in touch with professional architects Design phase

You can easily find information to get in touch with licensed architects that we’ve worked with over the years for large home renovation projects. We also wrote guides on how to improve your experience with architects and speed things up.

Save months to get up to 3 quotes

The Billdr platform shines in this area. Homeowners do not need to spend months to find 3 great general contractors to submit quotes. We built a robust system for homeowners and general contractors to have a structured and efficient bidding process. General contractors from the Billdr network are all equipped with intuitive software to build detailed and professional quotes. Homeowners receive structured comparable quotes from vetted general contractors in their area. We also provide homeowners with a portfolio of general contractors interested in bidding in your project.

How we vet contractors

Construction phase

Using Excel to manage your home renovation project is outdated. From the homeowner dashboard, homeowners have access to relevant information to better track in real time the financial status of their project: initial contract value, change order, invoices submitted, invoices paid. Homeowners can track construction schedules built by general contractors and track weekly progress as well. The homeowner dashboard is synched with the software we built for general contractors to automate their back office, making them more efficient serving homeowners.

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Plan your home renovations with our cost estimators for different spaces.

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