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A complete overhaul of a townhouse’s kitchen and bathrooms

Cost: $60,000

Duration: 6 weeks

Richard and his partner purchased a townhouse in Liberty Village, Toronto to increase their living quarters, and were eager to move in. The couple previously lived in a condo, but with both of them working from home, the need for extra space became necessary.

Project manager Raphael Sammut

project manager

Raphael Sammut

general contractor

Dan Paiken

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Celebrating a new home with major remodeling

Richard and his partner purchased a townhouse in Liberty Village, Toronto to increase their living quarters, and were eager to move in. The couple previously lived in a condo, but with both of them working from home, the need for extra space became necessary.

The townhouse was about 20 years old and in dire need of updating. It had started to show some wear and tear, especially in the kitchen and bathrooms. The entire plumbing system was built with unreliable Kitec flexible piping, which was at risk of rupturing. The homeowners also feared using their main ensuite bathroom due to the mold that has propagated.

After moving in, the couple decided to overhaul their space, seizing the opportunity to fix a few things along the way. The goal of the renovation was to modernize the kitchen and two bathrooms, and take care of any mold that was found in the process.

Before & After



Before & After: Kitchen


Renovation steps and timeline

A smooth first experience

As it is often the case with trying new things, undertaking major home renovations carries some apprehension. It was Richard’s very first renovation, so there was a big learning curve ahead. Getting quotes from contractors, without knowing their history or previous projects, was a bit of a puzzle. Before working with Billdr, he had trouble finding reliable contractors who could provide him with detailed price breakdowns and consistent communication.

After hearing about Billdr on The Peak’s podcast, Richard reached out to our team. To alleviate his concerns, we gave him a detailed quote on what he can expect, which allowed the couple to understand their costs, align the work that they wanted to do and what they can afford, and ask better questions to contractors. With support throughout his renovations, from planning to construction, the entire process became a lot easier as Richard gained the confidence to move forward with his project. We also connected him with a certified general contractor from our network while bridging the communication gap between the two parties.

A supportive ally in the renovation process

On the initial phone call with his Billdr project manager, Richard felt like he was talking to an old friend who happened to be in the industry and knew the right language, costs, and materials, giving him all the information he needed to get started. He equated working with our team to having an extra set of eyes. 

“It was like having a wingman by your side — someone more experienced who’s advocating for your needs.”

Out with the old, in with the new

The couple knew from Day 1 that there were plumbing issues and that they needed to replace the entire plumbing stack. When they bought the property, they were also aware of the mold in the master bathroom that they’d have to remove before being able to safely use the room.

They also wanted to redo both the kitchen and bathrooms, which had a dated look and poor finishing quality. The idea was to spruce up those spaces with a complete refresh. They had a penchant for midcentury modern design, which translated into the darker and moodier tones of the remodeled bathrooms.

Staying on track while navigating changes

Changes to the project scope were required during construction to address the presence of mold and to clear a clogged drain. Billdr guided Richard through each of these changes while keeping track of the total contract value, so that he always had the most recent updates on cost and schedule. With weekly visits to ensure that the project was running smoothly, their Billdr project manager provided the couple with ongoing reports on construction progress.

We were also able to respect their strict timeline, completing the project on schedule without any extension as trusted contractors proceeded with little disruption to him and his wife as they worked from home.

An upgraded space that matched expectations

From the quartz countertop and tile backsplash to their vanity and shower system, Richard and his partner were happy with their new modernized kitchen and spa-like bathrooms. Throughout the process, they kept an eye on the different components, weaving in their own research. They learned that the materials used were all high-quality and well-vetted by the market. And the end result was proof of that.

Cost breakdown

Kitchen and bathrooms renovations








Flooring & Tiling


Painting & Trim


Interior Walls


Furniture and accessories





$60,000 + taxes

Before & After: 1st bathroom



Before & After: 2nd bathroom



Before & After: 2nd Bathroom

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